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53 Years Of Experience in Food & Beverages Business


We believe the founder’s name was Antonio, whose diminutive in English would be
“Tony,” and the association with the use of “canecas” justified the restaurant’s name.
Customers and friends from all nationalities speak of “Tony da Caneca” as an extremely
frequented establishment, especially from the 1970s to the late 1990s. Later purchased
by a former restaurant employee named Mr. Vidal Vieira, “Tony da Caneca” continued
the tradition of Portuguese cuisine, making it a stronghold and reference in the
Ironbound community.

Founded in 1965, the restaurant “Tony da Caneca” boasts a nickname that stems from a
custom of serving all alcoholic beverages in “canecas” (mugs) at the time. It established
itself in the market as one of the first Portuguese restaurants in Newark. The art of
serving well, combined with the traditional Mediterranean cuisine that characterizes
Portuguese cuisine, Spanish cuisine with the popular Paella, and French cuisine, quickly
spread in the American community. Despite its name being incomprehensible to the
Anglophone public, it became one of the most popular restaurants in the area


However, with the arrival of various communities in NJ, especially the Brazilian
community, Ironbound gained more vitality and a “twist” of tropical fragrance and
musicality. Following this arrival, the new owner Thais Meireles Brant took over this
noble and ancient ship. After some phases of renovation, she decided to continue with
the name “Tony da Caneca,” incorporating not only reforms in decoration and aesthetics
but also modernizing the cuisine with an executive kitchen, bridging the gap between
the tradition of the past and the innovation of the present required in today’s world. By
adopting the name “Tony da Caneca,” decorative mugs were added while introducing a
house beer named precisely “Tony da Caneca,” which is served in an icy mug, expressing
the restaurant’s iconic name. The purchase of the restaurant by the young entrepreneur
Thais Brant resulted in its gastronomic-cultural fusion, now also offering Brazilian food.
Tony da Caneca is now a Portuguese restaurant where you can savor the cuisine of the
land of Vera Cruz.

The restaurant has a spacious parking lot that facilitates customer access. It offers the
possibility of celebrating all kinds of events, including corporate parties, weddings,
baptisms, and birthdays in a serene and joyful environment. From the elegant, delicious,
and affordable menu, highlights include the majestic seafood festival, the rustic lamb rib
with deglazed sauce and aligot served on roasted almonds, beef rib cakes, and the
chef’s handmade petit gateau made with condensed milk from Argentina.

“Tony da Caneca” now comes to life from Friday to Sunday with live music featuring a
varied repertoire including Bossa Nova, Rock, Jazz, and Country music. Located at 72

Elm Road, Newark NJ 07105 - phone 973-589-6882, the restaurant interacts with Facebook, Instagram, and various social media platforms. Come and savor the texture of tradition with the creations of our kitchen, whether with a good wine or, if you prefer, a mug in your hand. Even if your name is not Tony, you are always welcome to our Caneca.